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How Technology Has Improved Education

Changes in the learning sector have been more profound with the advancement of technology.. Just like in other areas in society, education has also been impacted by technology. The effect has mostly been good. For one, technology has improved accessibility to learning. In the past, books weren’t common, and only some few had access to education. Today, there’s lots of info in form of publications, pictures, audio and movies easily accessible through the web. There are options for formal learning available on the internet through websites that offer online courses, video tutorials, and degree programs. There is an unprecedented access to education due to advancements in technology.

It is important to keep the students engaged, as any teacher knows. The students of today are tech savvy as they use technology including notebooks smartphones and iPads in class. These students have grown up using this technology, so schools have adapted to the times to help their students learn better. Most of the classrooms across the states are in the process of implementing or have already implemented one device per student and bring your own device services to take advantage of these wonderful education resources. With devices like the iPad, the students no longer need to spend most of their time in the computer lab.

Not only this but technology is improving the way by which students learn. They can now discover in more enjoyable and interactive techniques. Instead of teaching a whole semester of art history focusing on a particular character, why not develop an art history game where the kids can write the script of the key characters in the story? They will get a better understanding of the story and can get a hands on experience on what really happened to help them to grasp the story better.

As more and more people continue to use technology in schools, there is the impending extinction of the textbook. With the use of mobile phones in lessons, eBooks are becoming increasingly popular. It is more practical as they are more up-to-date and are cheaper. One can access them faster, and they are more interactive. The use of technology is also changing the traditional teacher and student roles. The student is more lively and engaged in class. As opposed to the teacher just conveying details as the students takes it in and regurgitates, the teacher’s work has transformed to more of facilitation instead of just a dispenser of information.

One of the features of the modern classroom is that there is collaboration and technology has helped to empower this. With the use of technology, students can collaborate with their fellow students and teachers in the classroom and out of it easily and quickly.

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